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Director Message“Innovation in Manufacturing of Composite Materials”

The philosophy of the Innovative Composite materials research and development Center (I CC) is to support product development and application technology research in cooperation with companies in order to expand the use of composite materials in a wide variety of fields.

ICC focuses on not exclusive to materials innovation but also to bring a change in society using composite materials. In order to achieve this goal, in addition to the "Manufacturing Technology using Advanced Composite Materials", we are inspired to make "Innovative Composites Product" which will impact the society.

How will we realize products with high functionality, beautiful shape and even economic competitiveness from versatile materials and raw materials? What’s essential is to integrate various technologies across different industries.

In order to make composite products that achieve both cost competitiveness and high performance a reality, it is not enough to simply have a place for joint development. From basic research stage continuing to product development, the environment for researchers from different fields to work closely together and exchange information is essential.

In addition to material research, ICC provides manufacturing environment that can support advanced manufacturing technology research, machine development and prototype evaluation by using full-scale molding equipment, as well as an open innovation environment, a platform for industry-academia or industry-industry collaboration by various universities and companies.

Kiyoshi Uzawa, Director
Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center
Kanazawa Institute of Technology