Education / Human resource development

ICC plays a role as a platform where students and working engineers can learn seamlessly to promote "Co-creation education linking generations, academic fields, and cultures".

Multiple academic fields such as mechanical, aeronautical, bio-chemical, architectural and civil engineering overlap in the field of companies, so it's necessary to learn design and application technology according to the product.

ICC offers both lectures and practical workshops to develop composites professionals in order to meet multiple needs of human resource development in the industrial world.

Education Program

Technical workshops for working engineers

This is a practical training program for working engineers, where students will learn how to operate machines, basic molding knowledge and molding know-how using full-scale manufacturing equipment.

Membership Program

The membership program accepts company researchers as KIT's accepted researchers and allows them to learn about latest market trends or R&D activities via discussions with ICC researchers or monthly closed membership forum.

Special lectures for graduate course (including Lectures and workshops)

This is a special lecture at the graduate school of Kanazawa institute of technology, which is open to students and working adults.
Students will learn composites related technologies through lectures and practical training by ICC's front-line-researchers.

Internship at ICC for KIT students

This is an internship program for professional human resources development for KIT students. By participating in the research activities as an RA, students can learn the basic knowledge of composites and experience the technology related manufacturing, evaluation and analysis.

Internship at ICC for other university students

This is an internship program in ICC for other university students. Students with research them on composites can use ICC as a research base and receive advice from ICC engineers and researchers.