COI-KIT's vision in 10 years' time

Highways, bridges, buildings, condominiums and other infrastructure built during the boom years contributed greatly to the growth of society over that time, but deterioration over time has resulted in increased maintenance costs and has lead to accidents, so this infrastructure has now become a burden on our current society.

The Organization for Advancement of COI Research, Kanazawa Institute of Technology (COI-KIT) creates next-generation infrastructure systems that reduce social costs and create new value, by implementing innovative materials in society to realize a flexible, safe and secure society with long-term value, that spans the centuries in coexistence with the Earth.

COI-KIT's vision for applications

Using innovative technologies and techniques that were not possible previously, we are developing innovative materials that have superior environmental performance, that are highly functional with lightweight, long-term durability, self-healing, flame retardant and other properties, that enable flexible design and are easy to construct with, and additionally that enable easy relocation or recycling after construction. We are also developing innovative technologies such as continuous molding and manufacturing technologies to achieve drastic productivity improvements, and we will implement those technologies in society through next-generation infrastructure system applications.

  • Public infrastructure
    Public infrastructure with maintenance costs close to zero (roads, tunnels, bridges and high-rise buildings)
  • Building and house Infrastructure
    Housing infrastructure that enables flexible design and is easy to relocate or recycle after construction
  • Offshore structure
    Realizing offshore structure, such as drilling platforms for ocean resources and offshore wind turbines for power generation, aimed at energy independence as a major maritime nation

10-year targets and schedule


  • COI-KIT's vision in 10 years' time