Feature of COI-KIT (2) Collaboration/cross-industrial convergence, from upstream to downstream processes

COI-KIT promotes integrated research and development under the one roof. From upstream processes such as basic research to downstream processes such as researching application to industry, it collaborates with industry, academia and government through technology integration and interdisciplinary/cross-industrial joint research from the planning stage.

To achieve the public infrastructure application as detailed in the previous Features (1), a range of research and development activities is required, including development of innovative materials with superior environmental performance, development of innovative manufacturing processes for enabling large volume production, and systems for implementing those innovative materials in society.

Under one roof system promotes the intelligent manufacturing needed to drive projects

Communication between researchers is essential for promoting technology integration and interdisciplinary/cross-industrial joint research, and collaboration with industry, academia and government.

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) requires implementation of the “under one roof” system at Center of Innovation (COI) sites. Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center (ICC), based at COI-KIT conducts all business under one roof.

This system that enables discussion and research activities in one open space by removing walls.

This allows registered researchers to go anytime and anywhere in this building.

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